The New Leader Mindset

Leadership is changing fast and the way we prepare our leaders is dangerously lagging. The demands on leaders in today’s world are far different than what they used to be and yet most leadership development remains the same. 

By the end of this 45-minute webinar, you will have learned the 4 scientific pillars of a new business mindset we teach leaders in organizations around the world. A mindset that exercises presence, relationships and drives exceptional business results to meet today’s demands. 


      Renovate Your Leader Brand

      Whether you like it or not, you have a brand. In fact, the scary part is that you are a walking billboard that advertises how to succeed inside your organization. Are you advertising the right things? The right behaviors? 

      By the end of this 45-minute webinar, you will have learned:

      • A step-by-step process to identify, create and renovate your leader brand
      • Actionable steps to ensure your leader brand renovations make an intentional impact in your organization
      • How to strengthen your organization's presence and be more aware of your actions


      NEW WEBINAR: Creating the Conditions for Success: How Leaders Can Make it Easier and Better

      The best leaders don’t fall prey to using the skills that made them a successful individual contributor. The best leaders understand that their core responsibility is to develop people to achieve success. This makes it easier on them and better for their employees and organization.

      In this webinar, Jayson Krause, Managing Director of Kraukman, will share with you the core mindset shift and actions leaders can take today, that will to get them out of the way and quickly creating the conditions for a successful 2018.

      JUNE 7 @ 11 AM MOUNTAIN

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