Our proven formula

high performance athletic principles
applied neuroscience
management science

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Most leadership training

Have you been on old skool leadership courses like this?  

Pour & snore - the expert stands at the front and just talks at you!

You wait until you get a title before developing your leader skills. 

You get a ten step process to magically make you a leader

Wonderful in theory, missing application

Transactional: courses delivered to headcounts

Wasted investment - you forget most of it after a week.  Science proves it


what you get with us

You become good at leading rather than building your resume.  Here's what you can count on.

Teaching theory has moved on.  You'll get experiential and individual learning. 

You develop the mindset early and exercise the right skills often to accelerate your career and impact 

Leadership is not one size fits all.  You'll get the mindset and choose simple tools that work for you

You learn it, you exercise it, you shape it to deliver results.  Bottom line

You get a partner to push you, tell the truth & bring clarity during chaos.  You get our cell numbers.  

You get coaching to personalise the content and develop a plan to exercise & enhance your leader fitness 


Leader Fitness

The current business climate is volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous. Leaders can't possibly know what to do all the time. Therefore, your leaders' ability to be agile and pivot when needed, to lead transformation during turbulence is critical - we call this leadership fitness.

We believe

Leadership is like any muscle. If it isn't constantly and intentionally exercised, it withers and leads to severe injury. 

Here's our Process:


Having a gym pass alone won't help you get fit. We have the science and the road map, but the heavy lifting is on you. We don't work with average aspirations and we don't deliver average results. We require participants to be 'all in'. We won't waste our time and your money. 




You don't develop fitness by training once a year. Through a deliberate blend of bite-sized experiential training, 1:1 coaching and "leader fitness challenges", you up your game and over time, you become a champion leader capable of navigating the biggest obstacles. 



Developing your Science Behind Success™ leader mindset, and practising the skills in your personal leader blueprint accelerates your impact.  You achieve the results you and your business needs. People choose to work with you because you model how to create the conditions for success.

Here's how we partner in building your leader fitness

Accelerated Leader Program

We take our proven process and customize it to fit your organizational needs. This is a 9-12 month program that gives your leaders the operating system, fitness and tools to drive success in today's volatile business world. 

My team is visibly more competent and confident than they were before working with Kraukman
— Thane Schaffer (Director, Baker Hughes)


Organizations bring us in for a customized bite-sized disruption based on the Science Behind Success™. This is a wake-up call, and a catalyst for immediate transformation. It is the foundation of the new leader mindset. 

Kraukman have a unique approach to leadership, change and transition, engaging the audience with a blend of science, personal stories and humor. I would not hesitate to bring them back to speak to our leadership or employees again
— Sheri Allen (Director, AltaLink)

1:1 Coaching

Leaders come to us because they want to be better. They want to develop clarity, want to be pushed and develop the mindset and tools to be transformational. We create a program that challenges and develops high-performance leadership. The method is simple, but not easy. 

My Kraukman coach is insightful, talented and powerful, challenging the way I think and helping me recreate my thought process
— Carol ($200m sales leader)


Leadership becomes simple when
you learn the Science Behind Success™


We understand that great content isn’t enough.
Our fundamental learning approach combines a science-based design and high-performance athletic principles.
We work on leaders' mindsets to enhance skill acquisition and long term development using :



Leaders are grown not born, and new behaviors take hold faster when they involve struggle. You'll discover the neuroscience of leadership so participants understand the process of skill acquisition, resonant leadership and emotional intelligence.


sports physiology

Our background in high-performance sport means we speak training. Discovering the biological requirements of growth helps leaders understand the laws of accelerated development and the mindset needed to navigate modern organizational turbulence, build resiliency and drive innovation.


human science

The science behind social influence and emotional contagion helps leaders to create deliberate impact and build a conscious leader brand. Leaders understand the necessary ingredients for creating high performance cultures.

The only consulting firm in the world with a money back guarantee


We are so confident of our impact that we will give you your money back if we don't deliver.
Learning the simple principles of the Science Behind Success transforms the leaders we work with.


These are some of the clients disrupted by Kraukman in the last 12 months

87% of our clients applied what they'd learned directly "back at work"

As someone who’s been through a Kraukman training course and continues to utilize their coaching, I cannot say enough good things about the process and people behind this group. I highly recommend it to any leader who wants to develop valuable tools and brand to drive change in their organisation.
— Marcus Hoyda, Senior Manager, BHGE